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As far as sumptuous holidays go, Heslehurst says she wishes that was a perk of the job. They are independently audited and I could find no connection between the auditor and Golden Key or any of its board of directors. Their financial information is vague but they did provide explanations when asked. Had such an event taken place, by law, it would have to be published on the ACNC website. A thorough search of Austlii a source for Australian legal matters revealed no legal action of any kind relating to Golden Key. There is no documented reason to suspect Golden Key of financial fraud.

Golden Key does have a hierarchical structure but it does not match the definition of a pyramid scheme outlined in the Australian Competition and Consumer Act For it to be classified as MLM, it would need to be functioning in a way where members recruit other members, build up territories and move up the hierarchy as they get more members under them who are, in turn, recruiting new members, all making money from their own recruits and the recruits of those they recruit.

Golden Key does not operate like this. Every member I spoke to confirmed they receive no pay from Golden Key. Devereaux stated, for the record, that Deakin receives no money from Golden Key, nor do any Deakin employees. And Golden Key receives no funding from Deakin. In a Ponzi scheme, members believe they are receiving returns from investment when they are actually just being paid from the pockets of new investors.

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The trick is to get investors to keep their money in the scheme so you never have to actually pay out. However, it does offer scholarships, awards and overseas trips which are funded, in large part, by fees from new members. Prizes are funded, in part, by willingly donated entrance fees with no duplicitousness involved. On paper, Golden Key stacks up. As each accusation lost its foundation, I started to wonder what was really at the root of all this ire. Then I found something odd. What struck me in particular about the announcement from ACHS was the inclusion of a checklist to judge the credibility of an honour society and accompanying statement:.

I spent the next 10 weeks trying to get confirmation from ACHS.

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  • Neither my emails nor my phone calls made at all hours of the morning to try to catch them during the US working day were successful. I was unable to get a straight answer out of them for the record as to why Golden Key was removed from their society. All I got was another checklist which you can view here. In particular, the Board determined that it failed to provide value to our international members who represent more than 25 percent of our membership base. According to Heslehurst, Golden Key wanted to be able to offer membership to students from the second year of university on.

    Outside America, many degrees are only three years long. Devereaux was adamant Deakin students have nothing to worry about privacy-wise. We would never breach our privacy obligations to students. Despite appearances, student information is not given to Golden Key. Any offers emailed to members are generated based on selections made by the students when they complete their online membership form. And at any point you can opt out from Golden Key emails. While this satisfies one concern, it creates another.

    Heslehurst admitted Golden Key are in the dark as to how students are selected.

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    Some do it by faculty, some by year level. In fact, to meet ACNC charitable guidelines, Golden Key is actually better off being less restrictive with member access as overly exclusive groups run the risk of failing the public benefit test. It has to be over a period of time, not just from an individual unit. If it helps with employment opportunities, all the better. Possible, but not likely.

    Another tip for reducing your budget spent on labor and restaurant cost control is lowering your employee turnover. Hiring a restaurant staff member needs a lot of resources, starting from the interviews to recruiting them, and training them appropriately.

    Dr. Mike Murdock - 7 Master Keys To Living In Financial Peace, Part 1

    But in a case, if an employee leaves your restaurant in the initial weeks only, all the resources that you had put in hiring the person goes waste. So, while hiring new employees in your restaurant, your primary focus should be on quality hiring and on ensuring favorable conditions so that they stick around for a longer time. Also, ensure that you provide a good pay structure, give recognition and rewards to your restaurant staff so that they may be motivated to continue working at your restaurant. This would help you bring down your labor costs.

    Accepting and placing the orders, and billing has always been considered a labor-intensive task. When done manually, it leaves scope for manual mistakes and also consumes time. Having a restaurant management system, which comes with a kitchen display system will also reduce your dependency on manual labor to a great extent which in turn will reduce your expense on the labor.

    As soon as the order is placed in the POS, it gets instantly reflected on the kitchen-screen in real-time. In addition to this, if the customer changes his order after placing it, all the changes will get reflected in the KDS in real-time as well. All these will nullify the need for the server to run to and fro from the table to the kitchen to hand over the KOT.

    Monitoring and measuring your restaurant staff performance is essential to identify the areas where they are doing well and the areas where they could improve. Decide the Key Performance Indicators for your restaurant staff and track them religiously to see if they are delivering their duties as per the expectations. A restaurant management system with the People Management feature would help you monitor your staff performance and provide you with the data to train them better for improved efficiency.

    This will, in turn, improve your revenue and justify the costs. You can track the following details with a restaurant management system to measure your staff performance that would ultimately help you control your labor costs —. One of the significant areas where restaurants lose out on a lot of money is internal thefts and pilferage. The lack of automation and reporting often leads to rising costs. There are multiple ways internal thefts happen in restaurants, and the restaurant owners are not able to identify the point where the thefts are occurring.

    For example, dishonest staff members can alter the number of sales that happened on a particular day and pocket the billed amount for themselves, or keep certain inventory items for themselves. One way to control this is to assign roles and permissions for each activity and keep a strict view of the daily reports. Find out the other ways internal thefts happen at restaurants here, and the ways you can control them. Your restaurant management software could also fight the odds of theft and possibilities of pilferage in your restaurant.

    The Anti-theft module of a proper restaurant POS helps you manage your staff activities, and checks on the loopholes present in the operations of any restaurant or bar. Another important tip that you have to follow is to keep a regular track of your overall restaurant business.

    Real-time reporting comes extremely handy in this case. The purchases-sales report should be audited on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on the size of the restaurant. It is your primary asset. How you use your time determines your standard of living.

    Seven Golden Tips To Transform Your Small Business Into An Empire

    Resolve therefore to use your time well. Begin every day with a list. The best time to make up your work list is the night before, prior to wrapping up for the day. Write down everything that you have to do the next day, starting with your fixed appointments and then moving on to everything you can think of. Do what successful people do. Follow the leaders, not the followers. Do what the top salespeople in your company do. Imitate the ones who are going somewhere with their lives. Identify the very best salespeople in your field and pattern yourself after them.

    10 golden keys to a RICH financial future - Business

    If you want to become one of the best salespeople in your company, go to the top earners and ask them for advice. Ask them what you should do to improve your sales career. Inquire about their attitudes, philosophies, and approaches to their work and their customers. Guard your integrity as a sacred thing. Nothing is more important to the quality of your life in our society.

    In business and sales success, you must have credibility. In study after study, the element of trust has been identified as the most important distinguishing factor between one salesperson and another, and one company and another. Think of yourself as a highly intelligent person, even a genius.