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Weird Thrillers. Issues 1 and 2. A night of terror, the menace of R-day, Sandflower of venus, the last man, the cycle of time. Life is about creating yourself. Now What? British Policy in Mesopotamia, St. Fantastic Tales; Sometimes imagination transposes into reality. Published from the original designs. Naipaul Whos That Girl? Where Are You? Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra. Joseph Joseph yoseel yossel.

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De Mina. Bulgar of Odessa. Oriental Hora. Kopanitza Turka.

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    Television Frailachs. Queen of the Midnight Fax. The Gypsy Bulgar. The Klezmer Conservatory Band. Der Terk in America. Biz In Vaysn Tag Arayn. Oy Rumania, Rumania. Bukharester Bulgar.

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    Di Mekhutonim Geyen-Tants a Freylekhs. Hora-Moscowitz Medley. Beresh Katz Bulgar. A Heymisher Bulgar. Mayn Yiddishe Meydele. Her Golden Whip. She Speaks. Our Love. When it was announced that a baby would be born to our very elderly patriarchs, both Sara and Abraham laughed, and their son was consequently called " Yitschak " [Isaac - he will laugh]. The significance of Sara's miraculous pregnancy and her laughter has been discussed in many Talmudic midrashim [homiletic exegesis].

    A more modern explanation can be heard in the " medresh " of Yitschak's namesake, the Yiddish folk poet Itsik Manger, many of whose poems have been set to music. According to Manger, when Sara pleaded that her husband do something about having a child before it was too late, Abraham calmly quoted the Yiddish proverb, " Az der eybeshter vil, shist afile a bezem oykh " [When God wills it, even a broom can shoot]. And he was proved right! Many of Manger's wise and witty interpretations of Biblical characters, spiced with anachronisms and double-entendres, are preserved in song.

    His " Megile " tells the bitter-sweet Purim story through the eyes of Fastrigosso, the tailor apprentice, who is doomed by his love for the future queen Esther. Together with the tailors, we all make fun of the gauche King Ahashueros and dream of social upheaval. Yes - laughter is the weapon of the weak against the mighty, the minority against the majority.

    The political character whom Sephardic Jews love to hate most is Zeresh, Haman's wife, who kindled and fostered her husband's malevolent instincts. Verse after verse of grotesque descriptions are gleefully sung about Zeresh's mental and physical ugliness. Who else do the Jews laugh at or with?

    Well, we laugh at members of our family especially mothers and, of course, at in-laws especially mothers-in-law , and at the innocence of newly-weds brought up in a cloistered environment. We also laugh at - or with - the " rebbes " 2 , without realizing that most of these " rebbe " songs began life as anti-Hasidic satires.

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    Both Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews guffaw at "O sa sa" - actually two songs with completely different content but based upon the melody of a Bulgarian folksong. Poverty is no reason not to laugh and hard work is no guarantee of riches — we know this from the ironic Melokhe melukhe [Work is wealth] and the many tailors' songs e. We complain about the woes of destitution by singing gaily about how to make something out of nothing Hob ikh mir a mantl [I had a coat] or Kartofl zup mit shvomen [Potato soup with mushrooms].

    What else can you do but laugh when your father's out of work and the rabbi whips you, asks Gebirtig in Ver der ershter vet lakhn? Actually, the best way to deal with lack of money is to let somebody else pay, as we hear in the Sephardic mikveh song " Cuan bien me lavi " [When I wash myself"]! Neither last nor least are the many thinly-veiled bawdy songs.