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I wish you all the best. Build and advance through the ages of human history. If you enjoy city building and strategy, this award-winning game is a must-play. Play Now. I'm lbs, 5'8 I want to lose fat and weight and then gain muscle. I'm doing 30 minutes of cardio 4 days a week along with 20 minutes of wei I'm all toned up all ove my body but can't seem to get rid of a bit of belly fat I eat ever healthy and exercise 2 hours a day where 45 minute Any requests on excersises I should do What are the best ways to reduce and eliminate belly, abdominal, and thigh fat? Hi, I think you have overlooked a few mistskes.

Missing out on protein intake. Running burns muscles along with fat. More depletion of muscles means decreased metabolism and less fat burning. Make it a point to have 75 - 80 gms protein per day. Lack of intensity: Your body is used to running 3 kms in 17 mins. It is aware that this is all you are going to do and nothing more. You are not challenging it anymore or pushing it to burn more fat. Hence, your weight loss has stopped. After you complete your running for 17 mins, take a 10 min break. Step on the treadmill and run as fast as you can for 1 min. Rest for 1 min and repeat 10 times.

This will push your running heart rate into the high intensity zone which is essential for burning abdominal fat. Stop doing crunches and sit ups. They make abdominal fat reduction even more harder. Replace it with mountain climbers, planks and lying leg raises. To lose more fat, you need to build muscles. Abdominal area is the 1st place for fat accumulation and the last place to shed fat from.

Lift weights for 30 mins before your running session. This will help you build muscle mass and therefore assist in burning off more fat. Good Luck!

Why exercise won't make you thin

This one is interesting. I totally agree with the others when they are telling you to take up weight training or at least incorporate more HIIT circuits even using body weight or random objects found out around your house and in nature anything stuff like rocks, fallen tree limbs, etc can act as resistance. Incorporate some circuits into your mix. I will give you some examples from my blog below that I do on a daily basis for conditioning every morning. I then go back to the gym for weights in the afternoon. Jesse James Jamnik: Conditioning Training From my experience of coaching others through this process of losing weight and getting in better shape, I can almost guarantee that if you are not eating "fatty food", you are still consuming WAY to much Fructose Sugar of ANY kind , and not enough raw foods veggies.

This is NOT your fault though. Our food supply is tainted in America and we are led to believe that certain foods are "good" for us when in reality, they are the worst thing we could possibly be eating. Now, before this gets out of control, let me point out one thing. You don't need to go all crazy, psycho on this matter. You see, when companies take out the "fat", they have to replace it with something else. We as humans NEED fat, just the right kinds of it. The fats found in things such as Avocados. Think back to where we came from and what our ancestors ate. If you want to get control of your body and seriously make shit happen for yourself, get into a whole foods, plant based nutrition program ASAP!

You need more veggies and nuts in your life. Take in sugar, but only the natural kind. The ones that come from fresh fruit. Keep in mind though that sugar is still sugar, so really focus on consuming lots more veggies. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this, is to start juicing. Start each day off with a fresh cup of natural juice that you made yourself, NOT bought from a store and out of a can or plastic bottle.

Your body is an amazing machine and if you just exercise and don't feed it the proper things it needs to replenish, repair and rebuild itself, you will continue to be stuck in this rut. I could go on for ever about this topic as it really does break down into so many different things! If serious, which it seems you are, relax. I totally understand the frustration as I was there myself at one time. I would highly suggest you watch the following movies to get a really good understanding of how food works inside our body and common mistakes that we make due to information that we are fed daily, which unfortunately is a bunch of bull shit!

You can find some of these on netflix and amazon prime. Best thing you could do is watch these movies, I promise. Once you understand the true power of food on your life and adjust some things, magic will happen and you will feel amazing. Your results are sure to follow once this is done. Most quite right at the point of figuring something out or having a big breakthrough.

Don't let yourself be a statistic! It only hurts your back when you are overweight. Remember difficult, not impossible!! Stop running, start cycling for the next three months. What's the best effective way to lose belly fat? I have reduced from 73 kilos to 67 kilos and look very thin now but I still have belly fat.

Now should I cut or bulk or do both? I have been e What should I do to reduce my belly fat and get muscular body without going gym?

One thing you might look into is whether or not you are eating foods that you are allergic to. Usual suspects are: gluten from flour, soy sauce, etc, Read labels. Gluten is everywhere. Usually if that's the problem, about the third week you will find that you will urinate out a lot more than you drank, and find yourself pounds lighter. Suddenly a lot of your belly fat will be gone. From there, slowly intro foods. Once you eat an offender, if you've been off it for three days you will recognize it immediately by your body's reaction.

Answered Dec 29, The same happens with diet,when you eat at a calorie deficit,your metabolism slows down and hence the deficit gets smaller and eventually vansihes For workouts,I consider you confuse your body by varying the intensity, timing and even the workouts itself,like jog one day,do skipping the next day,cycling after that and repeat this in a cycle. Hope the answer helps…. Answered Nov 15, Are you ubder a lot of stress - or are you struggling to handle a small amount of stress? Your cortisol levels could be the problem.

Try some self-care. All my best. Donna is not being insensitive at all! I am so frigin tired at the end of the day, I pick up dinner or eat something easy to do. My husband is disabled and does not cook for me. I am too old to still be Wonder Woman. Bonus: When you get home you already did 30 minutes of activity. Healthy, happy employees are more productive. Sounds good on paper. Live in the Houston area where you avoid the Outside at all cost during the day.

You wait until after work, In the evening when its cooled down to a chilly Of course, The mosquitoes are happy to see you at that time. AND I am fighting off the urge to go to sleep way too early. Not excuses-Its reality.

Does Walking to Lose Weight Cause Those Exercise “Aches and Pains?”

Would love another idea though. Still thinking of ways on that one you gave. Maybe something at my desk? I am 68 and have lost 11 so far on Dr. I have never felt this good even when young. Joint pain is gone, allergies are almost gone, and even chronic gout is so much better! I eat lots of salads and greens, and mostly vegan dishes which I make at home. They are so delicious! I feel so good and have so much energy now and no more cravings for junk food! Great way of life for a senior or anyone else! Hi just been looking around on google and came across this group. Just a few question which country do you live in?

What eating program are you on? I to are over weight and my dr is not really interested in my frustration about not being able to lose weight any help would be greatly accepted. I am inspired about the weight loss, but I have painful arthritis and plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, which makes exercise very difficult. So the answer for weight loss is more exercise, and I need to relieve my excruciating foot pain first. Any ideas? Maggie: A few years ago I went to a foot dr. Amazingly the pain went away. I did those exercises every day and now when I feel the pain I had felt, I do the exercises again and the pain goes away.

I stand with my arms stretched out to the wall and my legs angled straight back. One knee is bent slightly and I stretch the straighter leg by bending the other knee. I hold for 10 seconds and then do the other leg. I repeat this first starting 10 times and then gradually going up to 20 times. Amazing how the stretching removes the pain.

Where do you have arthritis? Also, it has glucosimine and chondroitin in it too. Vets even prescribe it for aging dogs. I prevent the pain by taking that. This blog and comments brightened my day! I realize that is quite a bit, but, do believe it can be done, and not overnight!!! My problem is the snacking and periodic food binges.

Things You Can Do Today to Lose Weight | The Healthy

Losing weight will help with that, along with PT. I know all the good things to do, however, like most, I overlook them!

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope to keep in touch with this blog. I am a 69 year old woman. I am lbs. The past two years I have been sedantary, and not following any diet. Prior to that for 20 years I exercised 6 days a week 60 minutes a day. I followed a gluten free diet three years ago and felt fabulous. Today I am having trouble beginning the healthy routine I had for so many years. I was lbs. How do I find a weight management support group? Go to your local TOPS group. Look online and see what this weight loss group is about and where the group meets in your area.

Over the past few months my hip and back have started bothering where walking is becoming more difficult. Dieting has always been an up and down syndrome. I kept the weight off for about 3 yrs until my mother passed away and the stress of that gradually gave way to slowly gaining back the weight. Now stress over the past few years seems to sabatoge my diet efforts. Six months ago my husband had open heart surgery and has been recouping since. Please help I want to be around for my family for many years to come. Make a decision, and stand firm.

No more unhealthy items in your house. Throw them out. No more excuses. If you have a computer, learn to cook healthy. It is easy, quick, and affordable. Walk, walk, and more walk. It works if you do it consistently. Consult with your doctor first. I like healthy food. My husband will starve to death before he eats it.

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So, to live longer I throw him under the bus. I am gone at 6am and back at 6pm. He will not cook. I am at a loss. Throw him under the bus! I invite my husband to eat what I make, if he turns it down, he helps himself to something else. I identify with Jan. I am a o69 year old woma n. I am 5 ft tall and weigh I started gaining in my late 40s, but my husband passed away 11 years ago. I am very sedentary. I do have a somewhat sedimentre lifestyle because of a De-generative spin at T-1 through C-7 after a broken neck in Certain daily chores and activities can create pain. Pain can destructive and debilitating to ones self being.

I just joined a gym and am doing 30 minutes of cardio, some weights to strength my back and neck muscle and aqua aerobics 3 days a week. I do eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mostly consisting of vegetables, meats, but not that much red, dairy and whole grains. I do daily consume 12 oz or so of a alcohol beverage that varies between Gin or Vodka or white wine mostly after 5pm until dinner which normally is at I have good blood pressure,good working organs and generally in good health.

I think because of my recent lifestyle changes I am on the right track, if I could only see this gut go, what do I do? I lost 45lbs over the course of the past 12 months because of fear. Last years blood test was shifting me towards diabetes and it scared the hell out of me.

As there are 2 types of motivation 1. Find your motivation before its too late. The rest is easy. I had a severe reaction to an infused antibiotic. I lost appetite, stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, feel full long time. It has been several months. I am still sick. I am normally 5ft small boned and normal weight is lbs.

I am now I was told I had Gastro Paresis then the doc back tracked and said not sure. I told her I had felt worse taking it. When contacting radiologist, I found out I had a sliding hiatal hernial, which was not big, and multiple kidney cysts, bilaterally. Both can not mean anything. However, I think the hiatal hernia is affecting me. I am a small person. Now I do not know what to do. I am 66 years old, inactive due to an injured shoulder. I will not go back to this Gastro doc. I use to live to eat; now I eat live. I have eaten healthy before it became popular.

I re-create recipes to make healthier. Now, I just do not like cooking anymore. I am nauseated good portion of time. Also, belch, hicup after eating. I try things like Zantac, Maalox and I almost throw up. I do not know what to do. Paula, go to a different doctor. You have a medical problem, and some doctor out there will know what it is and how to deal with it. Remember: a doctor who got the lowest possible mark on his examinations is still a doctor. Many are poor diagnosticians; many are lazy; but many more are exemplary physicians.

Gosh Paula….. Do you think it could be gall bladder? Gall stones? It could be that the antibiotic exacerbated the problem.

You can sometimes have a gall bladder issue without symptoms for quite a while before anything happens. Sometimes though a few suggestions could lead you down the right path when you finally talk to another doctor. Let us know how it turns out for you…. That is good advise Susan. I was treated for 2 years for an ulcer and turned out I had a gall bladder full of gall stones.

I was the skinniest I had ever been because I only ate one weiner on a piece of bread at 10pm every nite so that I could immediately go to bed before the excruciating pain would set in. After the gall bladder was taken out I could eat anything I wanted. Good thing and Bad thing. I am a 65 year old female. I have been sedentary for about 3 years. I am not diabetic but I have had neuropathy in my legs and feet for several years. I also have very bad knees and hips. I am trying to come back from 3 years of grieving for the loss of my son and I have finally started mall walking about a month ago.

I am allergic to so many foods it is ridiculous. Do you think it is possible? I wonder if I will even be able to lose weight at this age? Hi Janet, we are all attempting to justify our undesirable weight. First check with your doctor. Take control of your environment. Start walking.

7 Tips How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers At Home, How To Lose Weight Teenagers

When you go to the grocery store, park on the farthest place. Walk as much as you can. God Bless. I will be 68 next week and I have been following Dr. Fuhrman, JJ Virgin, and Dr. Mark Hyman over the past 3 years. Basically gave up sugar, wheat, artificial sweeteners, and dairy. I do eat more protein than Dr.

I have lost 46 pounds over that period. I went from a size 16 to a size 8. I now easily walk 10, steps a day and climb multiple sets of stairs. Even enjoy playing golf and playing with my grandkids more. I also have RA and I am off all medications. I cannot tell you how wonderful you will feel once you detox from processed, unhealthy foods and begin a life where healthy eating is your centerpiece! What was Dr. How long did it take to go from a size 16 to a size 8? Hello my friend there are lot of supplements in the market but few of them are good to be used and you may use the best supplement which have no side effects.

For this you may use the best Muscle building supplement. It gives the result very fast and good result without any side effects. I believe you were right the first time. Help Please. The most difficult part to weight loss for me, was throwing out the junk food. Once that was done, I replaced it with healthy options including, nuts, skinny cheese, veggie sticks and phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.

This is a great plan and it works. You can loose up to 14 pounds every 2 weeks without exercise. Simply follow the plan. Eating is EASY and so is not eating. When you understand why you eat the wrong foods then you will win the weight game. We eat to feel good and secondly to survivie. I have never been on a diet in my life- I just change the foods which I eat — after a lot of research. I eat Quinoa and fresh fruit with beet and vegetable juice for breakfast, snacks are nuts and dried fruit, lunch is deep water fish and salad with a couple of crackers, dinner is high protein, low carb.

No deep fried food — ever — and limit alcohol intake. Exercise, every day intense 60 minutes of aerobics and body work with weights — at home and 1 per week at the gym. Equipment you need nothing at all. II can do it you can as well. Here is the trick, start slow and only increase the intensity very very very slowly.

It took you years to put on that weight- consider that it will take you years to get rid of it. Start your exercise with somehting so simple and so easy that its never a struggle and say — its so easy to start. I always start with running on teh spot — and it gets increasingly intense from there. Weight loss is as easy as weight gain — and lot more pleasurable and rewarding. I never, never drink sodas. The best recommendation seems to be to reexamine who you are, how you got where you are in your life-cycle, and try again to find the balance that worked before the weight gain.

But what about other factors, such as needing prescription drugs that are essential to deal with something like a heart valve problem and which might be causing the weight gain? I work with a personal trainer and have for years. My husband loses weight every time I change the diet plan, and I gain on the same diet that John claims helps him. I think genetics account for more than people allow. Good luck girl meaning me. And to the rest of you, believe in yourself.

Life is very unfair. I support all those who are calorically challenged—Please be kind to yourself first. God bless you, dear friends. I am 74 yr old woman, who has lost 21 pounds since Apri Can you give me some idea of what I can do to still lose maybe up to 10 pounds more? Hitting stubborn weight barriers is common. A change up may be needed. You did not mention diet. Most of the weight losers who have posted here have done so by watching what they eat. This may be the way to pass the barrier. I am an 65yo. I am not happy about this, and really need some help with, easy proper daily lowfat,lowcarb meals.

I will take two aleve once every two weeks to keep the pain in my knees at bay. I am doing ok, but could do better. I eat…a protein smoothie for breakfast, mid-morning a healthy snack, I try to eat a healthy lunch portion size because I am a big eater, and a healthy meat and veg. I have not lost but a few pounds, which is not enough but…now that I have a little extra energy, I want to push forward and critick my diet…I need info.

I hope this makes sense. I am thankful for this site with people that are struggling like me. So, good luck to all and….. Your body can burn a significant amount of calories while sleeping. Problem is many eat a full evening meal just a couple of hours before bed. Not only can this cause sleep discomfort but it cancels out the nighttime calories you would have burned while asleep. So, try this, eat your evening meal earlier before bed and eat only enough so you will become hungry at bedtime.

Take ONE bite or swig of food then hop into bed. This will stop the hunger and send blood to your stomach to digest your ONE bite, which will induce sleep. The bite will be burned off in less than an hour and you will wake up lighter. Good luck with yours! I read the book and followed the non-dairy, no sugar, no starch or processed foods for 30 days. My cardiologist lowered my blood pressure meds, and I feel better that I have in years.

I have had a change in mindset about the foods I eat. Following a regimen becomes routine, just spent 3 weeks on vacation and managed to lose a couple of pounds. Good luck. I am 67 years old. My normal weight until I was nearly 50 was on average lbs. When I was 47 I was diagnosed with Graves disease.

Following treatment I went up to lbs. By 50 I learned I was hypo thyroid. My weight surged to the s. By 57 I did exercise and and changed my eating patterns. I went down to I work in a virtual office and my activity has slowed down. I found when I stopped going to the gym, it made a huge difference. This site has given me the inspiration I need to balance work and get back to exercise. Thank you. And any helpful tips? I am 65 year old male weighing 89 kgs. I have fat balley. I need to reduce my weight to 65 kgs.

Please help me you anyone has any suggestions. I am finding it very difficult to manage. You young people….. Got to loose some weight in the tummy. I was going to give up, but I was told that I look 65 I really am 86 yrs old so I decided to fight my fat. I was thinking of going on the Mediteranian Diet. Any suggestions???? Greetings — I will be 65 next week. I have spent the 3 years losing lbs. I have been trying to lose the last 30 lbs for 8 months now.

I am so depressed about it. I do not have a thyroid so my metabolism is at next to nothing. I have been looking for a senior weight-loss group online for about 2 years and have not found one other than Weight Watchers, and a couple others that want money to join. It should not cost money to have friends to lose weight with. Anyone here tried it? Can I use this site more than once? I would really like to have some weight-loss friends to do this with? I research before putting anything into my body. Ginger — It seems that a Japanese diet would be healthy eating.

Maybe I should do more research into that. Basically, they eat a lot of fish and avoid red meat. I can handle food issues and though I walk slowly using a walker, I can cook healthfully for myself. My problem is that with feet and leg vein issues, I cannot do enough walking to strengthen my legs, arms. If anyone has ideas, I would certainly appreciate it. Due to financial issues, there are many things I cannot afford to do like gym memberships, specific foods and supplements, etc.

Lucky if I can afford living expenses, high insurance premieums, and medications. I know many seniors are in the same boat, so there must be good ideas out there. Good luck everyone. Now days everything is geared towards young people. All my life my mother had me on this diet or that diet.

The 17 Best Ways to Maintain Weight Loss

You want to read a silly thing? I only weighed 2 pounds when I was born. Friends out there I hope you can help me. I am 68 years old and started my lifestyle change when I was 67 years old 9 months ago. I call it a lifestyle change and not dieting. In 9 months I have lost 65 pounds, I still have many more to lose. My starting weight was lbs and I am now lbs. This is the only one that worked.

I eat calories two days a week and to calories the remaining 5 days. Besides losing weight it has helped me change my eating habits and also helped me live in a world where there are a host of foods that make one fat.