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It's seriously awesome to see him fully realized like this, great work.

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Nice to hear you like it, thanks. This looks awesome. I take the things I desire.

I have taken so many things from so many people. Souls like scraps, bound in dying flesh: I claim them. Kingdoms of dust and lies, petty princes, corrupt lords: I claim them. The awesome final boss from one of the few "soul-likes" I enjoyed. He was a pretty good final Boss. Also the last stage had a nice atmosphere to it. Pretty sweet.

The Nameless God

Vulpis-Deus Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Reply 1. Rexlare Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Oh hell yeah! I've been waiting for a badass artist to give this guy some proper fanart!

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This game is so underappreciated, I'm glad to see the final boss getting some recognition. This is a story that adult fantasy lovers can love. The world building in Ultimatum is spectacular, and allows the author incredible freedom and possibilities in future novels. I am only giving it two stars because I enjoy the story. I am partway through the second book and I honestly do not believe that these books were ever edited.

Hand finished Nameless God Mask – Candice Tripp

There are hundreds of spelling or grammatical errors. The author uses the wrong words or the wrong version of a word. Such as, you instead of your. There are instances where "with without" is used or other combinations. I tried to ignore the errors in the first book but the second book is actually worse. I am trying to push through since I paid for it but I honestly don't know if I will finish. I am really surprised that Amazon let this get posted. I may contact them to be honest.

If the errors were fixed I would really like these books. This is a book that deals with the ugly side of humanity in a LitRPG-style fantasy setting. I hate where the book ends I don't like cliffhanger books. Was a ok book till the last page. Now you have to buy the next book to see how it will go.

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Aug 30, Peter rated it really liked it. Not the best of books, but I found it compelling. A bit more editing and fewer flashbacks would kick it up a notch, but these are little gripes: This is not a happy cheerful read, but rather a grim harsh dark raw saga of life and pain and horror and vicious victory. I kept reading until I'd finished it in one go, and expect to get eventual sequels, bec Not the best of books, but I found it compelling.

I kept reading until I'd finished it in one go, and expect to get eventual sequels, because it hooked me well. It is not, however, for the faint of heart or those looking for a book to kill a few hours. Nov 18, Gio rated it did not like it Shelves: Brand was honesly one of the weakest in many ways MC i ever read. The Lord of this island. Possesses incredible power over time and space, but is.

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  5. The Nameless God's Ashes. Ashes of the Nameless God. Can be used as a transmutation material or exchanged with a leader.

    Death Of The Nameless God

    The shallow writing was annoying but easily overlooked The events happening, be in the present or in a flashback, never felt even remotely real, the author has failed in his attempt to captivate his readers,or at least to captivate this reader!! All the characters felt bland and not human like if this makes sense.

    They were just flat and boring, with nonsensical reaction to the various situation happening to them! Reading this b Brand was honesly one of the weakest in many ways MC i ever read. Reading this book i had a single question: Oct 19, Jason A Morris rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It took me less then 6 hours to read. I really enjoyed the dark nature of the book. I know on amazons website the book has had some bad reviews i always look at the bad reviews before purchasing a book. Most of the bad reviews are tied to the dark nature of the story.

    If you are looking for a story about a Prince who is fighting for "Everything Good and the beautiful virgin Princess" this is not your story. This is a more accurate version of Dark Fantasy. I'm eage I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I'm eagerly awaiting the 2nd installment of the series. Dec 21, Mrducking rated it it was amazing Shelves: Really really good book and really really dark book. Wednesday 1 May Thursday 2 May Friday 3 May Saturday 4 May Sunday 5 May Monday 6 May Tuesday 7 May Wednesday 8 May Thursday 9 May Friday 10 May Saturday 11 May Sunday 12 May Monday 13 May Tuesday 14 May Wednesday 15 May Thursday 16 May Friday 17 May Saturday 18 May Sunday 19 May Wednesday 22 May Thursday 23 May Monday 3 June Tuesday 4 June Wednesday 5 June Thursday 6 June Friday 7 June Saturday 8 June Sunday 9 June Monday 10 June Tuesday 11 June Wednesday 12 June Monday 17 June Tuesday 18 June Wednesday 19 June Thursday 20 June Saturday 22 June Sunday 23 June Monday 24 June Tuesday 25 June Wednesday 26 June Thursday 27 June Friday 28 June Saturday 29 June Sunday 30 June Monday 1 July Tuesday 2 July Wednesday 3 July Thursday 4 July Friday 5 July Saturday 6 July Sunday 7 July Monday 8 July Tuesday 9 July Wednesday 10 July Friday 12 July Sunday 14 July Monday 15 July Tuesday 16 July Wednesday 17 July Thursday 18 July Friday 19 July Saturday 20 July Sunday 21 July Monday 22 July Tuesday 23 July Wednesday 24 July Thursday 25 July