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Straddling the border Immigration policy and the ins. Abstract Why a profound disconnection between national-level policymaking and local-level policy implementation prevents the INS from effectively fulfilling either its enforcement or its service mission.

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Fingerprint policy implementation. Straddling the border: Immigration policy and the ins. University of Texas Press. But the wall does little to address the real issues at the border.

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It will not end illegal crossings, which have already plummeted. Nor will it stem the flow of illegal drugs, which enter mainly at U. And it does absolutely nothing to address the humanitarian crisis in Central America or the most pressing threat identified by U. Clinging to a wall keeps us clinging to fear.

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Trump needs a boogeyman to maintain his grip on half of the country. And the wall — which will never stretch from sea to shining sea — is the perfect symbol to keep the fear alive.

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Republican politicians may not be comfortable with this tactic, but they understand it. Synopsis With the dual and often conflicting responsibilities of deterring illegal immigration and providing services to legal immigrants, the US Immigration and Naturalization Service INS is a bureaucracy beset with contradictions.

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Critics fault the agency for failing to stop the entry of undocumented workers from Mexico. Agency staff complain that harsh enforcement policies discourage legal immigrants from seeking INS aid, while ever-changing policy mandates from Congress and a lack of funding hinder both enforcement and service activities.

She begins with a history and analysis of the making of immigration policy which reveals that federal and state lawmakers respond more to the concerns, fears, and prejudices of the public than to the realities of immigration or the needs of the INS. She then illustrates the effects of shifting and conflicting mandates through case studies of INS implementation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of , Proposition , and the Welfare Reform and Responsibility Act and their impact on Mexican immigrants. Magana concludes with fact-based recommendations to improve the agency's performance.

Straddling the Border : Immigration Policy and the INS by Lisa Magaña (2003, Paperback)

Read preview Overview. Heer Westview Press, Michigan Historical Review, Vol. Kidnapped by 'La Migra.

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