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DPC through Optimization 16m. DPC as a Game 21m. Numerical Example and Summary 18m. Resource Allocation 18m. Reading 2 readings. Homework 10m. Homework Solutions 10m. Selling Ad Spaces through Auctions 19m. Auction Definitions 10m. Second Price Single Item Auction 20m. Webpages and Importance 22m. Webgraphs and the H Matrix 25m.

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Handling Dangling Nodes 9m. The Google Matrix 10m. Numerical Example and PageRank in Practice 12m. Netflix and Recommender Systems 22m. The Netflix Prize and Its Challenges 23m. The Baseline Predictor 31m. Similarity and Neighborhood Predictor 16m. Numerical Example and Summary 21m. Review Systems and Challenges 10m. Key Factors and Assumptions 10m. The Wisdom of Crowds 12m. Bayesian Ranking 18m.

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Reverse Engineering Amazon 19m. Wikipedia and Consensus Formation 16m. Bargaining 13m. Voting 16m. Arrow's Axioms and Impossibility Result 12m.

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Sen's Axioms and Numerical Examples 9m. YouTube and Viralization 13m. Population Based Models 5m. Sequential Decision Making and Information Cascade 27m. Correct vs Incorrect Cascades 14m. Tipping Models 13m. Show More. Topology Based Influence Models 21m. Measuring Node Importance 13m. Contagion Models 23m. Infection Models 14m. Infection with Topology and Case Study 12m.

Video 4 videos. Milgram's Experiment 20m. Structural Small Worlds 19m. Watts Strogatz Graph 12m. Algorithmic Small World 26m. Quiz 1 practice exercise. Midterm 18m. Graphs and Degree Distributions 17m. The Internet's Reality 18m. Graph Performance and Likelihood 10m. Numerical Example and Generative Models 15m. Migrating to Usage Based Pricing 7m. Five Party Interactions 33m. Utility, Demand, and Fairness 25m. Three Reasons for Usage Based 9m. Numerical Example and Summary 10m. Waiting Functions and Price Optimization 14m. Numerical Example 17m.

Packet Switching 24m. Layered Architecture 19m. Distributed Hierarchy and Routing 28m. Bellman Ford Algorithm 16m. Thanks to Turbulence. Identity on the web has changed by the assemblage of social software platforms, engines and users. Four major platforms for presenting the self online have developed over time: the homepage, the blog, the social networking profile and the lifestream.

They each have their own specific way for presenting the self online. It should be mentioned that the shift has taken place from the centralized identity on the homepage to the distributed identity on a website with the lifestream. The homepage is a self-secluded manually coded website containing its content on its own server.

With the introduction of blog software the act of self publishing was made available to the public and the blog shows that it is part of a larger network with the embedding of external content from other services and platforms. In this era of the social web, the social networking profile has become a popular way to present the self online.

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The latest trend is the website containing a lifestream serving as an aggregation point for the distributed identity across various social media platforms. The advent of the search engines has had a major impact on both the construction and the presentation of the online identity. Search engines do not only index the platforms identity is performed on, but they also organize and construct identity online. They act as a central point where identity performance is indexed.

Since search engines have become the main entry point to the web, the idea of identity management has become very important. The Echo can help Amazon learn how people spend their time, and suggest things they might buy. Google, whose main business is advertising, also wants to draw from a fresh well of data; by learning as much about users as possible, it can target them with appropriate ads.

Apple, with a track record of simplifying and creating ecosystems where others before it could not, wants its devices to be the gateway through which people go to organize their lives. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission.

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