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Evidence suggests that taking a break 3 or doing something different 4 can help to weaken those associations and improve problem-solving, by revealing a new approach or an overlooked detail 4. Many scientists find that outdoor activities help them to manage work-related stress. One option for mentally unplugging is exercise. Davis dabbled in sport as a youth, but got serious about swimming during his PhD programme at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Exercising improved his fitness levels and helped to both mitigate his chronic asthma and relieve work-related pressure. It might also have helped him to become a better researcher; studies suggest exercise boosts various brain functions 5. Eventually, Davis decided that he wanted to do triathlons, so he began to read books on becoming a runner.

He learnt how to progress safely and efficiently as a novice, but also noticed that he had begun to feel more competitive. When this happens with a hobby, he says, it can add pressure instead of relieving it.

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So he made a conscious decision to pursue his own internal goals and not to compare himself against other competitors. Having mastered the basics, Drukker now makes pieces inspired by his work and decorated with equations. Last year, he had a solo exhibition at a London gallery that nearly sold out. He says that the pieces combine his love of physics with his love of ceramics, and provide a unique way to share his highly theoretical research with broader audiences.

Doing pottery also offers a break from research, which was what initially drew Drukker to the activity in graduate school. Eventually he realized that taking time off from physics increased his productivity. He says that shaping clay on the wheel gives his brain a rest when he starts going in circles, and that he finds the activity almost meditative. Hobbies can also provide a sense of accomplishment when researchers are stuck in a rut at work. Hertzberg thinks that handling the tiny Lego blocks has helped her in the lab, where she uses tweezers to pick microscopic fossils out of ocean sediments for analysis.

But what she likes most about her puzzles and Lego kits is that she can complete them in a relatively short amount of time while she labours on long-term scientific projects. Beyond offering the brain a breather, pastimes can also lead to inspiration. And when astronomers first caught a glimpse of the Moon through a telescope, Galileo quickly realized that the shadows on its face indicated that its surface was rough and mountainous — not smooth, as Aristotle had believed.

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Often, the synergy of ideas happens by accident, Simonton notes. Asking the brain to do different activities also builds cognitive flexibility, Simonton adds. Li says that diving has taught her greater attention to detail. Spotting well-camouflaged creatures under water requires heightened senses and the ability to see the unexpected — just like scouring data for new insights.

For instance, the UK Academy of Medical Sciences launched its MedSciLife campaign in to highlight researchers who cook, craft and engage in all kinds of other non-academic activities. Generally, that means starting with the basics which is the focus of the Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design course that within its minute class will walk you through 5 basic principles of graphic design.

Another class taught by Ellen Lupton, along with Jennifer Cole Phillips will show you how those basic principles can be perfect to use in all projects that range from creative design, marketing, to even photography. Taught by Mike Ski and Jesse Jay, designers from True Hand, the Creating Brand Systems course asks students to think about how a great logo or brand system comes to be. Through the six video course, Ski and Jay go over and describe the collaborative process that they used in order to create the logo for Kensington Quarters, an eatery in Philadelphia.

A shorter class than most, the Creating Brand Systems course is designed with designers, illustrators, enthusiasts, and creative in mind. Those who are looking for a high-quality walkthrough of what it takes to create a dynamic logo that can be used across many different channels and applications will want to check this course out. What is that telling your clients about not only your business but about you as well?

Also taught by Ellen Lupton, curator of contemporary design at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, will help to teach you the difference between good typography, which can be very beneficial for you or your client and bad typography, which can have adverse effects. Founded in , Udemy is an online learning platform that was created to help people learn new skills.

Many of the courses on Udemy can be perfect for someone looking for to learn graphic design. We decided to highlight a few of these that we think you may find useful, plus our list of the Top 10 Udemy courses to take in But the overall syllabus of the course content is as relevant now as it was when the course was first created. A comprehensive course that introduces beginners and experienced users alike to professional Photoshop principles.

The course is structured to provide you with a hands-on training of the software while sharing tips and tricks that pros use. Learning the outcomes is the focus of the course, it does this by using task-based lectures as well as discussions about the tools that can be used in Photoshop.

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Techniques and effects are taught through detailed process lectures. In Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator , created by Rawson Uddin, students are given access to over seven hours of on-demand video courses, as well as full lifetime access and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. The only recommended requirement is to have a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator as the course is an advanced lesson.

Throughout the course, you will learn about a plethora of topics that can help you design your own logo or maybe even start a logo design business on the side. These topics include:. Along with the course, you can download a working file to practice with as you go through the course. All in all, the Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator provides a robust class for those looking to start designing logos.

Manual Outstanding Creativity in a Week: Teach Yourself (TYW)

Any list we create would be incomplete without Alison Online on it. Taking the Visual and Graphic Design course on the site will earn you a test-based certificate upon completion, which can be great for anyone already studying graphic design. Now for some who may have been working in graphic design for some time may not see the value in the completion certificate.

However, if you are a graphic designer just starting out, having a certificate in a subject can help establish credibility when trying to secure a new job or freelance project. Founded by Mike Feerick, while Alison online offers completely free classes, they are uncredited. This means that no matter if you receive a certificate of completion or diploma, your current or prospective employers may not recognize it. While not every course on their site is free, Coursera offers online courses from some of the top universities such as Stanford and Yale. To take the classes for free, follow this guide here and get started right away.

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Share Article Tweet. Margaret Nazon: Saturn. Tadpole Galaxy, million lightyears from Earth. Top: Hubble Space Telescope. Bottom: Margaret Nazon. Bright Lights, Green City. Tarantula Nebula, , lightyears away from Earth. Margaret Nazon: Tarantula Nebula, detail. Margaret Nazon, beadwork detail. Margaret Nazon: Milky Way spiral galaxy. Mask Galaxy. Lorraine Hansberry, s. Photographer unknown.

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From the pit of another depression, she writes to her husband: I am sitting here in this miserable little bungalow, in this miserable camp that I once loved so much, feeling cold, useless, frustrated, helpless, disillusioned, angry and tired. But some of the most important parts of life are not visible in pictures. Dear Young Hero, Imagine you can choose your own superpower from one of these three: flying, invisibility, or being able to read.

Yours, Kevin Kelly For more letters from A Velocity of Being , all proceeds from which benefit the New York public library system, savor Jane Goodall on how reading shaped her life , Rebecca Solnit on how books solace, empower, and transform us , year-old Holocaust survivor Helen Fagin on how one book saved actual lives , poet and farmer Laura Brown-Lavoie on the power of storytelling , and Alain de Botton on literature as a vehicle of understanding.

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